Not getting Facebook confirmation code? Soloution found

i cant receive Facebook confirmation code?

i already use Facebook texts but i was eventually removed for some reason and when i try to activate again , i cant receive confirmation message from facebook?

i dont know wot to do while i try to activate my facebook texts am not receiving confirmation code?

these are the similar problems i have faced.even i have asked some of my facebook friends,which did not help me ofcourse.

but some how i found a solution for it.hope it works for all of you.

Steps to be followed

1. Go to edit profile 

2. click on contact information

3. clear the existing mobile number from mobile phone tab go to mobile tab and try registering once again.

5. wait few minutes for confirmation code to be received.

i have tested this with my profile..hope this helped  thank you.

Don't forget to comment your problems and be sure to comment if this helped you.

3 comm:

  1. does not work

  2. Just how am I going to do that if in the first place my Facebook has been blocked??

  3. my facbook hack been locked and I am not reciaving code in my phone look what to do ? please tell me



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